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The New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society is a non-profit making organisation formed in 1982 in response to the growing interest in carnivorous plants within New Zealand. The objectives of the NZCPS are to provide an exchange of information on carnivorous plants, particularly in relation to New Zealand conditions and to co-ordinate efforts to propagate and increase the availability of carnivorous plants for all.

Carnivorous plants have long held a fascination to people from all walks of life - and for good reason! With their bizarre and fantastical shapes, they lure and trap wayward insects and other animals, benefiting from the digested remains. But they are not just popular for their strange insect eating habits - they are rapidly gaining popularity due to their beauty.

All members of the NZCPS share an interest in these beautiful and highly fascinating plants and have strong commitments to ensuring the preservation of carnivorous plants and their habitats - both here in New Zealand and around the world.

Our members are stretched across such diverse groups ranging from botanists and horticulturists, to teachers and students, conservationists, naturalists and those just generally interesting in something a bit weird!

The NZCPS has a healthy membership that continues to grow from year to year with members from around New Zealand and abroad in foreign countries - we are very much an international society with a strong interest in all genera of carnivorous plants from every pocket of the earth. Membership in the NZCPS has much to offer those interested in carnivorous plants.

Growing carnivorous plants in New Zealand need not be a challenge. With careful insight into their specific cultivation requirements anyone can have a gorgeous collection of these awesome plants to call their own. From Northland to Southland and in between... you will find people with a passion for these plants. You will find carnivorous plants on window sills, in greenhouses, bog gardens and in containers on patios - carnivorous plants are for everyone!

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All written correspondence should be directed to:

The New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society (NZCPS)
PO Box 62007
Mt Wellington, Auckland


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